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Ezekiel's Wife

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Ezekiel’s Wife (24:15-27) 03/03/2012

-When God decided to take Ezekiel’s wife by a stroke it was all for show, it wasn’t that God was unfeeling, but the opposite. The purpose of putting both Ezekiel’s wife and this faithful prophet through this unthinkable ordeal was to bring people awake, even alert to God’s pending judgment against them. Her death was to be so shocking as to alarm people conscious to what was happening in their own lives, that possibly they were to now take serious all the years, months, days and now hour by hour forewarnings of God’s pending wrath against the people of Ezekiel’s day.

-This happening to such a faithful man of God, such a determined after God’s people spiritual, prophetic leader was way more serious than the people could fathom. You see Ezekiel’s people no longer took God serious, they were those like at present-day who where totally persuaded and thus deceived sorely into thinking God would never, ever punish them. Though here this Supreme one was taking and forbidding this faithful prophet to mourn his lovers death, a true to spirituality seer who’d already himself suffered untold miseries at demonstration to people all around of God’s pending judgment.

-The scripture says He wasn’t allowed to mourn her death in public, of course there was no way Ezekiel could lose such a prize and not mourn her death in the secret compartments of his broken heart. The Supreme Himself is too much of a compassionate God not to expect Ezekiel to grieve covertly, a Holy Father himself, being long suffering toward all mankind who mourn consistently their lost. Though the image God was to now set for those gravely unrepentant in his sight was he would take a break from their time of sorrow, how He would not shed a tear as Judah’s Ezekiel was no longer worthy.

-I, this end time Apostle just before the new year explained to God, not that He didn’t know, but I was agreeing with Him how the time for talking. That for years, months, weeks and now days of forewarning was surely over, as there was nothing I could do or say that was going to persuade the people how’d easily forsaken God. Then those who did serve Him, that by churches, congregations and preachers, preaching they pretty much had God where they wanted Him. To be completely sincere church people actually think they’re either in good standing with God or they just don’t care one way or another. They’re not only American, they’re the people of the free world. Sincerely, they’re the most popular, the most religious and thus the most meaningful people on the planet, especially to the rest of the world, they are god.

-Of course when I had this conversation with God, pleading desperately for his help, like the prophet Ezekiel I had no ideal God would use my husband as a demonstration to both how his people regularly suffers and what he would do as a manner of judgment toward these people oppressors . It is here you’re to understand, I didn’t one day come up with this ideal, ah, this is a demonstration of god, no, Holy Spirits themselves began describing to me one day how what was happening to my husband. That despite how I prayed, how I hoped, how I stood upon God’s promises and the unfailing blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ, the horror that was befalling my husband would by God be this demonstration. This is their word, this is the word they used, how again, the horror this house was about to suffer would be a demonstration to God’s people of how his people had for the ancient been stripped and how God would in term strip all those rebellious in His sight.

-I can’t tell you how repeatedly I thought of Isaiah’s inquiry regarding the primary reason God doesn’t answer prayer as he’s a God whose hands are not short or whose ears are not heavy. That if your prayers are going unheard and thus unanswered it’s because of sin, because of unrighteousness, the primary thing that’s to separate between you and your God. Not that Mack or I were perfect, but we were Christian’s and ministry’s of righteousness according to Christ’s Jesus cross who called faithfully on the Holy Spirit daily to mold us into a type of the Lord Christ. Soon the Holy Spirit started describing no, what Mack and I was suffering was more like a Job, or more so like an Ezekiel. You see, well those who’ve read behind me the last twenty plus years know how recently I’ve been learning more and more how my ministry is much like Ezekiel’s ministering to the Judean people of his day.

-The prophet Ezekiel emerged on the scene after years and years of ministering prophecies both fore and forthcoming of God’s pending judgment surrounding the end of Judah as it’d been known. Again Ezekiel’s arrival would be a sign of how God had come to the end of forewarning the rebellious and was now ready and about to strike. Of course there wasn’t much the prophet could do or say to persuade the people, they were known as those repeatedly citing how God was unseeing, how even worse, he was ascended from the earth (out of reach). This is why from the beginning God described how He was sending Ezekiel to a rebellious people who wouldn’t listen, yet by the mercy of God, even by a manner of justification of God, they were to understand a messenger of God was in their midst.

-For whatever reason God had both shaped this man, anointed him and sent him, it is for the identical reason he’d sent forth this end time apostle. The great gathering of saints which had been prophesied even by the Christ Lord himself and end hinted upon by prophets of old hundreds of years prior, it was all upon mankind. This is why the Rising Above Ministry (RAM) began at the great gathering of saints, as the Christ Lord showed himself ascended into the heaven as the prophet Malachi had described. This Holy Lord most of all had arrived with healing in his wings, I didn’t understand it at the time, when I experience this phenomenon (1986). Though this is why Jesus, appearing to me at this time had huge white wings stretched out of each of His side, justly for the healing of so much pain, sorrows and anguish that had all been endured for the salvation of the people.

-I know I’ve said and shared it a million times, but this one event alone is so like the biblical God who changes not, the archangel Gabriel. His appearing to me in May of 2004, his explaining to me, to this end time apostle how the fulfillment of all things is upon mankind. Meaning all end time prophecy, from the great gathering of the church-bride, to the rise of the anti-Christ, to the battle of Armageddon, to the war against the saints, and the second return of the Christ Lord, we the people of this age at present would be the ones to witness the fulfillment of it all. This is why Mack’s death is one proof I’ve been completely right about the Rising Above Ministry (RAM) being in great similarity to especially the prophet Ezekiel’s ministry that God will have sacrifice and not mercy regarding all who’re unrepentant in His sight.

-This mean mankind great and small, rich and poor just entered into the most important yet dangerous, even volatile era of humankind, this is the end unlike no time before with Noah’s ark alone being the exception. This is what the opening of the 4th seal is about, it’s a not only a depiction of massive forms of death, a quarter of the earths inhabitants, but hell follow accordingly as the majority will perish in hell. I know how lackadaisical people are about the end of their world, how they’re just as Jesus described they would be. How the people of these end days would remain completely oblivious of their doomed faith until like in Noah’s day they will be totally clueless until the greatest catastrophes ever come and take them right away.

-I know for some this sound like the idea way to die, but human being don’t die, they simply give up the house of flesh, the soul that sin abide in and by hell’s fire forever. Yes, this is why Jesus by God putting on flesh created the only single blood redemption accepted by God, for the forgiveness of sin. That if man believe Jesus is Christ, that he died for the sins men, that God rose him again, they shall be saved, for with the heart man believeth unto righteousness and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. When was the last time you felled on your knees sorry for your sin ridden life, asking God’s forgiveness, and pleading salvation by Christ’s cross? Only as mankind confess his sin, is this Heavenly Father faithful and just to forgive those repentant of such sins, going on by Christ’s cross to cleanse them from all unrighteousness.

-This ministry of Jesus Christ in these last days, the Heavenly Host as an entire treating this ministry and minister as an apostle of Jesus Christ. As so making it in likeness to prophets, Apostles and divine testaments of old is all the more proof, God truly is the same today, yesterday and forever. This is why out of the twenty-four elders the Apostle John testified seeing amidst the throne of God, it was the prophet Ezekiel appointed to open to me three doors in heaven. It is as well proof God does indeed preserve the right to set up the members in the church, the church of spirit and truth as it hath pleased him. If there was a time people thought Apostle Bradford liking this ministry to the prophet Ezekiel’s was all hockey puck, my husband’s death, like Ezekiel’s wife made to be a demonstration of how God’s time of judgment is now is the single proof of how accurate this divine assessment both beautiful and terrible as Christ’s cross.

-That you be aware, that you be born again, that you know an Apostle of Jesus Christ is among you. As to pluck Ambers from the burning, take heed that no man deceive you, Apb, The Rising Above Ministry (RAM). In order to give to this work, to Apostle Bradford, I can’t tell you how much I need your support, you can now by way of send donations by way of email to thanks and may the supreme truly award you accordingly, Apb, The RAM…

-See Daniel 7-10th chapters, See, the Intrepid Dream Here,

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-For they say the Lord seeth us not, the lord is ascended from the earth Eze. 8:12. That you be aware, that you be born again, that you know an Apostle of Jesus Christ is among you. As to pluck Ambers from the burning, (Ezekiel 1:4,27; 8:2), take heed that no man deceive you, Apb, The Rising Above Ministry (RAM).
For Salvation Pray: I’m sorry Lord God, forgive me for my sins, wash me and cleanse me and then, by Jesus Christ receive me into thy glory again.

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